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Welcome to the Rochester Hand Center, part of The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester. The physicians at our Western New York offices in Rochester, also serving Buffalo and Syracuse, treat the wide spectrum of hand and wrist pathology and soft tissue problems of the arm.

Introduction to Hand Surgery

Hand surgery developed from the need to treat complex hand injuries sustained during World War II. As a regional specialty, the field now includes treatment of all hand and wrist pathology including birth defects, trauma, infection, arthritis, tendonitis, tumor, nerve entrapment, and vascular problems. Most hand disorders can be diagnosed by history and physical examination. Often, plain X-rays or fluoroscopy are helpful. Less commonly, additional imaging procedures such as MRI, CT scan or angiography are necessary.

At The Rochester Hand Center, treatment plans for hand problems are individualized based on such factors as handedness, job, age, and hobbies. Many hand disorders can be treated non-operatively by modification of activity, splinting, anti-inflammatory medication, hand therapy, or injection. Persistent or more severe problems may require surgery in order to achieve a successful outcome.

To learn more about common hand disorders, review the Education section of our website. For individualized care and treatment, contact The Rochester Hand Center.

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